We at Lanka Virtual Academy believe that every child is gifted and talented in their own way. However, it is the opportunities and circumstances available to them shape who they eventually become. Therefore, our mission is to create opportunities and circumstances in which every student has a fair and equal chance of succeeding.


Our vision is to propel Lanka Virtual Academy to be the most important factor in the success of students at the GCE Ordinary and Advance Level Examinations creating brainwaves that will far exceed our stated goals and stimulate endless possibilities.


We hold honesty, integrity, loyalty, diversity, compassion, and excellence in teaching very close to our hearts. We, the faculty and the staff of Lanka Virtual Academy are committed to promoting within our institute and among the students a culture of innovation, inspiration, expectations, accountability and high moral standards.


Strengthen our position as a leading online educational service provider in Sri Lanka by developing meaningful and relevant learning programs, thereby, preparing each of our students for success and equip them with critical thinking and analytical reasoning on a global perspective employing the state-of-the-art online teaching mechanisms.

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Unlimited Access

Lanka Virtual Academy provides unlimited access to its course-ware and educational resources around the clock. Giving you the freedom to choose what to learn and when to learn as we recognize that freedom is the most important condition in almost any aspect of life.

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Expert Teachers

None of us is an expert on everything, so we strive to employ teachers with proven knowledge and extremely high proficiency, not just in a particular subject but in each topic within a subject providing added credibility to our content.

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Learn Anywhere

Learning can happen anytime, anywhere at Lanka Virtual Academy. True learning comes when a student is free to explore. We give students the freedom to learn from wherever they are so they can experience unbound potential.

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Save Money

All four most important subjects are taught comprehensively at a truly negligible annual fees making this noble opportunity accessible to everyone from all walks of life. Of course Lanka Virtual Academy is a commercial venture, but at core, our intention is nation building!

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Save Time

Time well spent, perhaps the number one deciding factor in achieving educational success in a student’s life. With us, time waste is not only non-existent, in contrast we produce extra learning hours for students by eliminating the time spent traveling to and from the classroom, and in between!

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Safe & Secure

Learn at the safety, security and comfort of your own home. We at Lanka Virtual Academy understands that a safe, secure and comfortable learning environment is at the heart of educational success and that a safe learning environment requires physical, emotional, and intellectual security for students.

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Research Team

Education is not a product it is an ever developing process. That is why at Lanka Virtual Academy we have a highly skilled and dedicated research team in constant search of new and effective teaching methodology and approaches to keep our subscribers always ahead of the rest.

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Data Accuracy

Ensuring quality and content accuracy is one of the most important fundamentals of our institute. The content produced by our faculty goes through a vigorous screening process and inspection by our academic advisors and content specialists before becoming available to the students for learning.

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Take control of your own schedule and study at your own pace. Virtual learning gives you the freedom to schedule your study time as flexible and convenience to your own preferences, which is extremely helpful in pursuing a quality education and in the meantime living a healthy family and social life.

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Patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness and honesty are the corner stones of our venture. The multilingual aspect of this project is a clear reflection of our policy. Our courses are provided in all three major languages and we do everything possible to maintain the same level of quality across all languages.

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Content Upgrade

We believe in change and thus we are not going to rest. Our dedicated research and development team along with the faculty will be on a constant search for an even better and innovative way to teach and present the content so that our students gets the best and stays well ahead in the race.

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Support Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable Support Team is available 24 hours a day to assist you over the phone on questions related to registration and your online presence. Your course content related questions and comments can be submitted through the Student Login Portal at any time.

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